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What is it?

FAU Alert is the alert and notification system used to inform the University community of potential or actual emergency events or threats. The University recognizes that no single method of communication will reach everyone, everywhere, every time. Therefore, FAU Alert comprises of several tools including blast e-mails, text messages, call-out, outdoor warning sirens and more. See "More about FAU Alert" section below.

Depending on your mobile phone/data plan, your carrier may charge you a fee to receive FAU Alert messages when modules such as text messaging are utilized.

How do I sign up?


Log into MyFAU at, click successively on "FAU Self-Service (OWLS)," "Personal Information," "Update FAU Alert Telephone Numbers" and follow the instructions.  Do not forget to click "Submit" to save your changes.

Staff and Faculty

Log into Workday at, click "Personal Information," "FAU Alert System" and follow the instructions.  Do not forget to click "Submit" to save your changes.

Non-FAU Entity

See Non-FAU Entity Alerting

Rave Alert

Operators log in here


More about FAU Alert...

FAU Alert Text Message

How do I know I'm receiving official messages?

All FAU Alert emergency alerting and notification messages will say, “FAU ALERT” or “ATTENTION FAU”. “ATTENTION FAU” is only used when used in messaging if an incident has the potential to suspend normal operations or affect life safety and/or destruction of University resources.

Does an FAU Alert message mean that classes are cancelled or that the University is closed?

Not necessarily. Issuance of an FAU Alert does not automatically indicate a change to the operational status of the University. You are advised to take the necessary temporary protective actions to ensure your safety and the safety of others under your care. If you can conduct normal business under these conditions, you may proceed. If you cannot, you are expected to do so once the alert has expired, been rescinded, or conditions allow. Any changes to the operational status of the university, such as cancellations or closures, will be made explicitly in an independent message and posted.  

What laws is FAU held to concerning emergency alerting and notification?

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008) states that colleges and universities must provide immediate notice to the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff occurring on the campus, unless issuing a notification will compromise efforts to contain the emergency.

What should I do when I receive an FAU Alert message?

In an effort to get a warning out as quickly as possible, initial FAU Alert messages may be short or incomplete. Regardless of the alert, you should always:

1.) Recognize that an emergency is occurring

2.) Seek safety or shelter

3.) Seek more information by checking FAU Alert modules.

When should I update my FAU Alert contact information?

  • New and current students are asked to register or review their information at the time of class registration.
  • Faculty and staff are asked at the beginning of each semester and during new employee orientation.
  • It is University requirement that anyone with an FAU-issued communication device or who receives a stipend from FAU for their communication device, needs to register that device to receive FAU Alerts through phone call and/or text message.
  • Remember, you should update your FAU Alert contact information whenever you change it.

What's the difference: emergency alerting and notification, crisis communications, and public affairs?

  • Emergency alerting and notification: Notification about significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff occurring on the campus, sent to the affected audience with suggested protective actions to take.
  • Crisis Communications: Communications to various audiences regarding changes to university operations that are specific to their interests and needs – event/class cancellations, suspension of business operations, access to campus, etc.
  • Public Affairs : Dissemination of information to the University community. 

How does FAU alert the University community?

There are several methods to disseminate emergency information as FAU recognizes that no single method of communication will reach everyone, everywhere, every time: mass email, text messaging, phone calls, social media – Facebook & Twitter, outdoor warning sirens (Boca, Jupiter and HBOI campuses), desktop alerting, media advisories, University webpages, University hotline, digital signage, and more... 

Can parents and family members sign up to receive calls, texts or email?

The intent of emergency alerting using calls, text messages and email is to reach the target audience that needs take temporary, protective actions concerning life safety and protection of resources. Parents and family members can follow the official FAU social media sites for Twitter and Facebook, check the FAU home page and advisory page, follow the official University communcations and briefings via the media for information regarding the emergency, 


Non-FAU Entity Alerting

What is it?

A non-FAU entity for this purpose is defined as an entity that provides frequent services for FAU campuses, and therefore has staff on campus regularly, however; it is limited to those entities that have the same staff on campus regularly.

FAU provides an internet-based portal through which each non-FAU entity manages its own list of contacts for FAU Alert modules: call out, email and text message.  This can be accessed by designated “manager(s)” for each non-FAU entity, and where the names and contact information of employees who routinely find themselves on any FAU campus, can be entered.  This information is then exported from this portal and imported into the appropriate FAU Alert modules.

How does my entity sign up?

If your entity wishes to receive FAU emergency alerts via the call out, email and/or text message modules, please contact the Department of Emergency Management. If your non-FAU entity fits the criteria, you will be asked to designate managers (no more than 2 people). Manager profiles will be created, after which instructions will be sent providing directions on entering and managing the contact information for your staff.

Current group managers log in here.

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