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Public Safety

FAU Emergency Management Logo Be Owl Ready!


What is Owl Ready?

Owl Ready is a new initiative encompassing FAU's preparedness, safety and security efforts. 

Be Prepared, Be safe, Be  Owl Ready! 

Owl Ready:  Be Prepared, Not Scared. 

What does it mean to be Owl Ready?


- Building, sustaining and improving individual, unit and university readiness and resilience.

- Engaging the internal and external communities.

- Developing University and campus plans, training & exercises.

- Communicating to the University's constituents with One Voice.

- Working with local, regional, state and federal entities, and other key stakeholders.



- Engaging all staff in planning and preparedness efforts.

- Developing robust unit plans to prepare for, respond to and recover from  campus-specific and unit-specific emergencies.

- Setting and managing expectations regarding roles and responsibilities for all staff, in particular, essential personnel. 

- Ensuring that any Non-FAU entities that you work with and routinely find themselves on any of FAU's campuses have emergency plans that align with yours and the University's. 

- Ensuring communication protocols are in place to contact staff and for staff to contact their immediate supervisors. 

- Knowing how to get official information from the University, including FAU Alert. 

- Signing up for FAU Alert modalities of text message and phone calls (all FAU-issued cell phones are required to be signed up for FAU Alert modules - text messaging and cell phones).

- Having unit-specific emergency kits ready!


Individual: Students, Employees, etc.

- Paying attention! Don't be distracted! Pay attention:

  - as you walk across campus,

  - as you get out of your car,

  - to your exits and places to hide when you're in buildings - classrooms, offices, etc.,

  - to the weather,

  - to behavior or things that are out of place. If it doesn't feel right, or look right, it's NOT right!

- See Something, Say Something! What's the "something": it can be behavior or items. Don't explain it away! Don't be afraid to or wait for someone else to report. 

- Having a plan (and options). When the time comes to implement it, evaluate your best option and then DO IT!

- Having emergency kits, including medications.

- Knowing where to get official information, such as FAU Alert! Sign up for FAU Alert modules: text messaging and phones calls! 

- Activating the “Government Alerts” feature on your cell phone to receive real-time notifications, including tornado warnings.

- Seeking shelter/safety, then seeking further information, if you're not clear about the emergency situation. 

- Having a family communication plan. 

- Updating your emergency contact information within Banner (students) and Workday (employees) so that should there be a need, University officials can contact next of kin.

Resident Students:

- Working with and informing your RAs or Area Head Office of your emergency plans, including hurrincae evacuation plan, and whether you will need accomodation assistance. 

- Having an emergency plan for you, any service animal in your care, your mode of transportation, and emergency kits for sheltering at a local shelter, or traveling and staying elsewhere.

- Having a family communication plan and notify your parents or loved ones and/or guardians.

- Preparing your room for evacuation, such as a hurricane
     - All valuable items should be covered in plastic and stored off the floor to avoid water damage.
     - All windows and blinds must be closed.
     - All electrical appliances must be turned off and unplugged.

- Having an emergency kit in your room with basic items such as non-perishable food and snacks, water, a flashlight and radio, extra supply of medications, back-up battery and charger for your phone, can opener, etc.

 Check out the full website for the Department for more information on these topics!  


Owl Ready App: FAU's Premiere Preparedness and Safety App!  *DOWNLOAD TODAY!*


Owl Ready is the official preparedness and safety app of Florida Atlantic University. It was developed by the Department of Emergency Management, with assistance from Public Safety, under the University’s mission to develop policies, programs, services and informational resources to promote and address preparedness and safety concerning the University community.

Owl Ready App

With the Owl Ready app, you can:

  • Easily Access Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts - Dial directly from the app
  • Virtually Walk Friends Home – Recruit friends and family to virtually accompany you on your walk home at night
  • Turn Your Phone Into a Mobile Blue Light- Send your location to FAU PD in real-time in case of a crisis
  • Easily Access Emergency Guides and Information for Many Situations:

Emergency Kits

Disabilities and Access Needs


Shelter in Place

Weather Emergencies

Physical and Psychological Threats

Medical Emergencies

Facilities-related Emergencies

Other Emergency Situations

  • Access Current Weather Updates – Obtain current weather updates for all campuses
  • Use Language Translation – Instantly translate words, phrases, and web pages 
  • See Something, Say Something – Report a safety/security concern to appropriate University units
  • Receive FAU Alerts – Receive emergency alerts from FAU


 Download from the App Store and Google Play Today!

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