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Public Safety

FAU Emergency Management Logo Hazardous materials-related emergencies

Hazardous materials are chemicals and products that are capable of adversely impacting human health and/or the environment if used improperly, accidentally spilled, or released.  In addition to laboratory chemicals, hazardous materials may include common materials such as paints, fuels, and solvents.


What should I do if there is a small spill that does not involve highly toxic or noxious hazardous materials, a fire, or an injury requiring medical attention beyond basic first aid?

•    If you are properly trained to respond, fully understand the hazards posed by the substance that has spilled, have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and an appropriate spill kit, and can respond without endangering yourself or others, you may proceed with cleanup. 

What should I do if there is a large spill, or a spill that involves highly toxic or noxious hazardous materials, or involves an injury requiring medical attention beyond basic first aid, or if you lack the supplies or training to safely respond?

•   If it is necessary to evacuate, move to a safe location, closing doors behind you, but stay in the general vicinity until help arrives so you can warn anyone who might try to unknowingly enter the area;
•   If you need to evacuate the entire building, pull the fire alarm.

Seek further assistance by reporting the spill.

Call 911 immediately for all:

•   Fires
•   Accidents or spills involving injuries that require medical attention beyond first aid.

Call EH&S at 561-297-3129 during normal business hours for all:

•   Accidents or spills that do not result in injuries requiring medical attention beyond basic first aid.

Call the University Police at 561-297-3500 after normal business hours.

FOLLOW up, always, with EH&S, regardless of whom you call first.

What information do I need to have readily available when reporting a spill?

•   Your name and incident location.
•   Details of the incident including:
    -  The type of incident, for example: chemical spill, gas leak, environmental release;
    -  The approximate quantity of hazardous material involved;
    -  The location and time when the incident occurred;
    -  The extent of injuries (eye contact, inhalation, burns, etc.) and/or property damage;
    -  Any other details you feel are pertinent to help emergency responders.

•   More information on Reporting a Spill

What should I do if I work with, ship, or receive hazardous materials?

You must comply with strict local, state, and federal regulations.  These regulations contain requirements for hazardous material inventories, training, and proper waste disposal. For more information visit EH&S.  
 Last Modified 3/5/18