Steps to Successfully Completing the Broward County Placement Application


  1. Click on "New Here? – Sign-up"
  2. Select a username and click on the Available button. If the username is available, you will be able to enter a password. Keep in mind that it is College policy that all email correspondence goes to the FAU student email account. You MUST use your FAU student email address.
  3. Enter a password question and answer.
  4. Select Student from the Role drop-down menu. Click submit.
  5. A message will appear that states "To activate your account, please check your email."
  6. Check your email and click on the link provided. A message will pop up "Email is Confirmed. Your Field Experience Account is now Activated".
  7. Login using your username and password. Select the appropriate university and enter your personal information. Please be aware that the system is address-driven, meaning that you will be placed (with no guarantees) in an area closest to the address you provide.
  8. The courses available will show up in the window below your personal information. If the appropriate courses do not show up, make sure you selected the correct "university" from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the relevant courses one at a time and click submit. You will receive a pop-up message that states you have successfully registered for the course.
  10. When you have finished, make sure you logout by clicking on the Start button on the bottom left-hand side of the page and selecting logout.

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