Karen Slattery Educational Research Center for Child Development

Faculty from Florida Atlantic University conduct research at The Slattery Center, upon approval by the University’s Institutional Review Board. Approval from the University’s Institutional Review Board ensures that only research that does not comprise the safety or integrity of children and families enrolled are conducted at The Slattery Center. Before each study, researchers obtain written informed consent for each participating child. Parents decide if they would like their child(ren) to participate. Facility researchers maintain strict confidentiality and follow The Slattery Center’s policies and procedures.

Research projects may involve interviewing, observing, testing, or videotaping families and children, or asking parents or teachers to fill out questionnaires. Children are always thoughtfully introduced to the researcher prior to each investigation, and children's responses are honored and respected. No child is ever required to participate.

The professional community and ultimately children and families benefit from the results of research at The Slattery Center. The spirit of inquiry, therefore, permeates the learning environment.