Appreciative Advising Featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

OAE director and co-founder with interns in background

by Teresa Crane | Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020

An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education titled A Crusade Against Terrible Advising by Scott Carlson,,  speaks to the high-impact advising plays in student success pre- and post-graduation. The model called out in this story was “appreciative advising,” co-founded by Jennifer L. Bloom, professor of educational leadership at Florida Atlantic University, inspired by a management style called “appreciative inquiry.”

Appreciative Advising incorporates a six-step model that makes advising a process that closely caters to the goals, dreams, and future plans of students, in a more personal way than conventional advising. FAU adopted appreciative advising in 2014 and has since seen a nearly 20 percent graduation rate increase.

The path to becoming a certified Appreciative Advisor is housed under the Office of Appreciative Education at FAU College of Education. For more info, visit FAU Office of Appreciative Education at