COE/AD Henderson/FAU High Present at FERA

From left to right: Christina Cavallaro, Tricia Meredith, Agnes Timar, Rachel Marbach, Christopher Clevenger, Rebecca Kasten, Keynote speaker Dr. W. James Popham, Michelle Vaughan, Kelli Wilder, Jessica Baker, Hannah Darling, Maria Laing, Cheri Celesti

by Teresa Crane | Tuesday, Dec 04, 2018

FAU College of Education was represented at the 63rd annual meeting of the Florida Educational Research Association (FERA) in St. Petersburg by five faculty members, seven doctoral students, and nine A.D. Henderson/FAU High School teachers.  The conference recorded its highest number of attendees and sessions to date and marked the second year for the innovative Teacher Inquiry strand that highlights the research being done in the state of Florida by our PK-12 teachers.

This year Michelle Vaughan, Ed.D., and nine teachers from A.D. Henderson/FAU High School traveled together to present the outcome of their work.  Throughout the Fall semester, the teachers took part in an onsite course titled "Teacher as Researcher" with Vaughan and developed action research projects in their individual classrooms.  The outcome of this collaboration impacted their growth as researchers as well as practitioners and the group presented to a packed room at the conference about their experience.

FAU representatives also had the pleasure of meeting keynote speaker W. James Popham, Ed.D. who dedicated thirty years to teaching education at UCLA.  He formerly served as president of the American Educational Research Association (AERO), is the founding editor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis and was appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board by previous U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.

FERA was established with the purpose of endorsing the investigation, research and discussion of educational problems and issues that have affected Florida.  FAU Associate Professor María Vásquez, Ph.D., serves as a Director on the FERA Board, Associate Editor of the FERA Journal and Program Review Chair.  She was awarded two certificates of appreciation for her roles as Associate Editor and Paper Proposal Review Committee Chair.

FAU presentations and presenters were:

Positioning teachers as researchers: Lessons in empowerment, change, and growth Michelle Vaughan, Ed.D., FAU

  • Michelle Vaughan, Ed.D., FAU
  • Christina Cavallaro, FAU
  • Cheri Celesti, A.D. Henderson University School
  • Hannah Darling, A.D. Henderson University School
  • Rebecca Kasten, A.D. Henderson University School
  • Maria Laing, A.D. Henderson University School
  • Rachel Marbach, A.D. Henderson University School
  • Kelli Wilder, A.D. Henderson University School
  • Jessica Baker, FAU High School
  • Christopher Clevenger, FAU High School
  • Agnes Timar, FAU High School

Toddler t-toys

  • Mary G. Lieberman, Ed.D., FAU
  • John D. Morris, Ph.D., FAU

Fostering resilience for adults with substance use disorder

  • Karol Jo Foster, FAU
  • Mary G. Lieberman, Ed.D., FAU

Multicollinearity's effect on classification accuracy with real data structures

  • John D. Morris, Ph.D., FAU
  • Mary G. Lieberman, Ed.D., FAU

The impact of a university research methodology course on dual enrollment students

  • Tricia Meredith, Ph.D., FAU
  • María D. Vásquez, Ph.D., FAU
  • Leila Shatara, FAU

Empowering public institutions: Liberal arts programs in South Florida

  • Badara Taal, FAU
  • Evelyn Hall, FAU
  • Ingrid Jones, FAU

Pre-service elementary teachers' views and attitudes towards social studies

  • žRina Bousalis, Ph.D., FAU

The effect of leadership teams on student achievement

  • Shernette Grant, FAU
  • Daniel Reyes Guerra, Ph.D., FAU
  • Mary G. Lieberman, Ed.D., FAU
  • John D. Morris, Ph.D., FAU

Teacher shortage in Florida: University-school district partnership

  • Rangasamy Ramasamy, Ph.D., FAU

Creating "real"ationships with students: The struggle for authentic connection in an online medium

  • Michelle Vaughan, Ed.D., FAU