International Committee

Role and Mission

The purpose of the COE International Committee is to promote a gradual increase of sustainable international projects and opportunities for faculty and student (undergraduate and graduate) participation as part of the COE curriculum.

Individuals, students and faculty, choose to engage in international learning through study abroad and coursework. The mission of the COE International Committee is to expand these learning opportunities to as many FAU students and faculty as possible as part of department programs, coursework and professional development workshops. We believe, and are committed to, in increasing not only international awareness, but also international participation as part of everyone’s experiences within the COE, regardless of their field of specialization. International knowledge cannot remain isolated and apart from the COE curriculum.

To accomplish this mission, the COE International Committee is working to develop formal partnerships, such as faculty and student exchanges and joint degrees, and informal arrangements universities and colleges of education all around the world. This website will describe these learning opportunities for our students and faculty, whether attendance at international conferences, professional development workshops, study abroad courses, and readings/resources for inclusion in course syllabi.

Committee Members

Ira Bogotch, Chair Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Valerie Bryan Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Maysaa Barakat Educational Leadership and Research Methodology
Chun-Jung Huang Exercise Science & Health Promotion
Rangasamy Ramasamy Exceptional Student Education
Andres Ramirez Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry
Last modified: February 13 2018.