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2019 - 2020 Current Faculty Activities

Welcome to the COE Faculty International webpage. The College of Education has an international faculty across departments from around the world including Argentina, China, Colombia, Egypt, England, Guatemala, India, Iran, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Some of the college international programs span entire departments; most of the international work resides with the interests of individual faculty members. FAU has a robust Center for Global Engagement and an International Office of Study Abroad programs.

In early September, 2019, faculty members Ira Bogotch and Daniel Reyes-Guerra attended the European Educational Research Association Conference in Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Bogotch presented a paper on Syrian newcomer integration into both Ontario and North Rhine, Westphalia public schools.

In mid-September, 2019, a professional development team of Drs. Maysaa Barakat and Daniel Reyes-Guerra will travel to Cairo as part of the continuing MOU with BalancED. They will engage in contract negotiations with Vodofone and Microsoft as part of the Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methods’ partnership to support Asten College a new international school to open in Fall, 2021. Henderson administrator-teacher, Dr. Keith Feit will become the school’s first principal.

In October, 2019, both Professor Eileen Ariza and COE Dean Steve Silverman will be giving international Keynotes in Malta and Serbia respectively.

Dr. Susan Dennett has submitted an application for a Study Abroad in Paris for Summer, 2020. It was approved on September, 2019.

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List of Faculty By Department Presentations, Publications, Journal Affiliations, Faculty Affiliations, International Service and Consultancies, Awards
Steve Silverman
COE Dean Steve Silverman has had a variety of international experiences as a scholar. He has presented keynote addresses in Korea, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and New Zealand, among others. At his previous institutions, he has hosted post-doctoral scholars from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Croatia, and Brazil and is looking forward to doing the same here at FAU.
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ali Danesh
Dr. Ali Danesh will be speaking at the International Conference on Hyperacusis in London (
The Communication Disorders Clinic began the 10th year of its distance therapy program, administering treatment to clients in Rwanda.
Dale Williams
  • Will be participating in the International Stuttering Awareness Day on-line conference in October and
  • Will be serving on the International Committee of the International Fluency Association.
Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry
Nancy Brown
  • New Book
  • Dr. Brown continues to serve as a UN Representative On Behalf of Children and Education

    Her latest project involves refugee education through the Global Action Plan on Education and UNHCR, hosted by the World Bank in collaboration with NGOs and the international educational community. Dr. Brown serves on two committees: 1) early childhood education and 2) social -emotional well-being and trauma response for teachers.
Andres Ramirez
International Memorandum of Understanding between FAU and Universidad del Quindío, Armenia. Colombia.* Principal Leader/Point of contact
International Memorandum of Understanding between FAU and Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia.*
  1. Principal Leader/Point of contact
  2. Internship coordinator
Global Engagement Steering Committee Member
Fulbright University Review Committee Reviewer
Faculty-Led Study Abroad Reviewing committee Reviewer

It should be noted that my leadership and success in securing two MOUs with the two universities in Colombia were motivated by my role as the co-chair for the FAU Hispanic Serving Institution Research group. FAU received this designation by the United States Department of Education in February of 2017. My co-chair is Dr. Maria Vasquez (EDLRM). Together, we have been able to coordinate with the Office of Research Communications to design and provide content for what is now a fully functional website at The vision is as follows:

“The HSI research group will be recognized as an institutional key player and catalyst in transforming Florida Atlantic University from an incidental Hispanic-Serving Institution to an inclusive, culturally responsive, Latinx Serving Institution. We are committed to advancing Latinx ways of knowing and purposefully attract, retain, serve, and improve the education of Latinx, low-income, and other underrepresented students for the benefit of all FAU students, staff, administration and the surrounding community from which it learns and serves.”

In Spring 2019, we began to plan specific international activities that would enact current MOU’s with two universities in Colombia. The MOUs are with the Colombian Universities “Universidad del Quindío, Armenia Quindío” and “Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Cundinamarca,” which became operational in the summer and fall, 2019. Officers from Universidad de La Salle inquired about the possibility of bringing pre-service Foreign language student interns to FAU in fall of 2019. Currently, two students from La Salle are conducting their internship at FAU under my supervision.

In January of 2019, the HSI leadership hosted a group of representatives of the Universidad del Quindio as well as some other dignitaries of the state of Quindio, most notably the Governor who traveled from Colombia. Many conversations were held with different colleges at FAU as well as with The Center for Global Engagement, and the Provost’s office. As part of these talks, the University of Quindío sponsored three professors from FAU to travel to the region in the summer of 2019. Dr. Ayse Torres from counseling education met with community leaders in Medellín and in Quindío to explore social issues related to mental health and suicide rates among youth. I was able to train over 30 teachers in three-day workshops on the Reading to Learn methodology. Finally, Dr. Angela Nichols from political science was able to conduct more than 40 field interviews with former guerrilla and paramilitary fighters advancing her work on violence and post-conflict effects.

Dilys Schoorman
  • Schoorman, D., Shah, R., & Leichtman, A. (2019). Teaching critical global consciousness among undergraduates: Insights of transnational multicultural educators. Multicultural Education Review [Special Issue]. DOI: 10.1080/2005615X.2019.1644039. This was a 10th anniversary special issue on: Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, and Transculturalism: Commonalities, Contradictions, Complementarities, and Their Implications for Multicultural Education. The editors of the special issue were from Australia and South Korea.
  • Schoorman, D. (In press). Navigating identity and consciousness and an “outsider”: Professional integration at the intersections of gender, nationality and critical scholarship. In M. Barakat and M. A. Rodriguez (Eds.). Immigrant faculty in the academy: Narratives of identity, resilience and action. New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Dr. Schoorman is involved in early stages of a project involving the education of “street children” in Sri Lanka and in a collective project to support specific students/ families affected in the Easter 2019 Sunday bombings. Her group (alumni of our school) is one of few (sadly) who have not succumbed to a backlash of Islamophobia. These are currently service projects.
Hoang Tran
  • Presented a paper in May, 2019 in South Korea in May.
  • Dr. Tran is spearheading the department’s new Diversity and Global Studies undergraduate minor and certificate. The project aims to bring bringing the world into the curriculum in the two required courses.
Educational Leadership & Research Methods MOUs with University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and BalancED, Cairo Egypt
Maysaa Barakat
Coordinator of the department’s Egypt Project with BalancED, Cairo.
Ira Bogotch
  • New Book

    Dr. Bogotch continues his research on Syrian newcomers in Ontario and North Rhine Westphalia
Susan Dennett
  • Study Abroad: Paris (3-6 credit hours). I coordinated a study abroad to Paris, June 9-21, 2020. This is open to graduate students. Students will have the opportunity to visit schools, universities and businesses in Paris to explore the differences between US and European educational leadership systems. Pending final approval from the Provost office. I should hear within the next few days.
  • Dennett, S.K., & DeDonno, M. (2019). A study to explore the effect of time pressure on the cognitive strategies of students to complete a working memory capacity task. The 3rd International Self- Directed Learning Conference. South Africa. (November 2019) This conference is sponsored by the North-West University of South Africa.
  • Dennett, S.K., & DeDonno, M. (2019-2020). A comparison study to explore the influence of study abroad programs on the resiliency levels and emotional intelligence levels of students.
Daniel Reyes-Guerra
Egypt Project Consultant, Cairo
Robert Shockley
On-going comparative analyses on teacher satisfaction in Malaysia and 5 other Asian/African nations
Maria Vasquez-Colina
Dr. Maria Vasquez-Colina will be a guest speaker in October, 2019 at Universidad Católica de Santa María in Arequipa, Peru. She will discuss the notion of research capital and provide an introduction to Meta-Analysis to an audience of doctoral students.
Amanda Propst Cuevas
Amanda Propst Cuevas

While FAU braced for a possible direct hit by Hurricane Dorian, Dr. Amanda Propst Cuevas, Director of the Office of Appreciative Education, facilitated Appreciative Education training September 2-4, 2019 for the Education Success & Student Services Team in the Faculty (College) of Education at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. The Education Success & Student Services Team adopted the Appreciative Advising framework as their approach when they reorganized about a year ago.

Appreciative Education (AE), founded by Dr. Jennifer Bloom, tenured professor in the Department of Educational Leadership & Research Methodology at Florida Atlantic University is “a framework for delivering high-quality education on both an individual and [an] organizational level. It provides and intentional and positive approach to bettering educational enterprises by focusing on the strengths and potentials of individuals and organizations to accomplish co-created goals” (Bloom, Hutson, He, & Konkle, 2013, p. 5-6).

Monash University joins other universities in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean, among other places outside of the U.S. that are intentionally adopting the Appreciative Advising framework.

“Importantly, to know that the work we engage in through the Office of Appreciative Education at Florida Atlantic University is literally transforming the educational experiences of students not only in the U.S., but the world over including in Australia is truly extraordinary,” Cuevas remarked. “It is nothing short of a remarkable way to make a lasting impact in this world.”

Exceptional Student Education
Michael Brady
  • Brady, M. P. Evidence of Abandoning the Evidence: The De-evolution of Evidence-based Practices in Education. International Round Table Symposium: Educational Issues and Trends, Oxford University, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England, July 2019.
  • Brady, M. P. Discussion Leader: No Equity without Outcomes: Delivering on the Promise of the Least Restrictive Environment. (Presentation by Michela Clancy). International Round Table Symposium: Educational Issues and Trends, Oxford University, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England, July 2019.
  • Brady, M. P. Discussion Leader: The Role of Aesthetics within Advanced Placement History Course. (Presentation by Georgia Belesis). International Round Table Symposium: Educational Issues and Trends, Oxford University, Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England, July 2019.
  • Brady, M. P. (2019). An alternative, curriculum-based value-added model for teacher preparation programs: A research summary. Educational Review, 1-19. Published on-line first on July 17, 2019. doi: 10.1080/00131911.2019.1601615. This was a discussion of international challenges to effective practices due to commercialization and anti-democratic politics in developed countries.
Kelly Kearney
  • Kearney, K. B. (2019, July). Teaching Transition-Age Students with Intellectual Disability Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Basic Life-Saving Skills. Paper accepted at International Association of Special Education, Magamba, Tanzania.
  • Kearney, K. B. (2019, June). Teaching Basic Life-Saving Skills to Increase Inclusive Opportunities. Paper accepted at Council for Exceptional Children Division of International Special Education and Services, Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Teaching & Learning
Eileen N. Whelan Ariza
  • Invited Fulbright Recipient and Alumni (State Department and Embassy) Predeparture Orientation, July 2019
  • Reviewer, invited by Fulbright Egyptian Student Program applications, Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt, August, 2019
  • Invited speaker, the Maltese Minister of Education (MEDE) and the European Migration Network, for the Migrant Learners Unit (MLU)conference about support and education of migrants, October 16, 2019
  • External reviewer, Doctoral Committee for Harold Mora, University of Nariño, Colombia, 2019
  • Invited presenter, professional development workshop, University of Malta, Spring 2020
  • TESOL Refugee Concerns Interest Section, Member-at-large/Steering Committee, 2017- 2019
  • Multiple International Publications and Presentations
Rina Bousalis Bousalis, R., & Furner, J. M. (2019). Linking middle school mathematics and social st udies through immigration issues, Middle School Journal, [In press].
Joseph Furner
Furner, J. M. (2019). Fostering imagination and creativity with GeoGebra in mathematics teacher education. Paper presented at the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics 30th Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., March 16, 2019. Vol. 31, [pp. 1 of 18, In press]. [Published Conference Proceeding]