Early Childhood Education

The Mission

Early Childhood Education is an interdisciplinary academic learning community dedicated to the promotion of scholarship and research, teaching, and community service in the field of early childhood education. Through collaboration among faculty, teachers, students, administrators, and community partners, the Early Childhood Education engages in new directions for early childhood education. It is self-renewing and dedicated to high quality early childhood theory, practice, advocacy, and policy in South Florida and throughout the world. Emphasizing diversity and democracy, it engages in a range of projects and activities to benefit all children and promote their rights.

The Vision

We envision early childhood educators who demonstrate excellence in classroom teaching, research, advocacy, and leadership.

We envision educators who continue to ask new questions, create new solutions, and explore new possibilities in theory and practice.

We envision a world transformed through early childhood education, with young children and their families as the heart of our communities.

Building the Dream... Creating the Future

The world renews its vision, recreates itself, and becomes a community through the eyes of children. To educate their minds and their hearts is our greatest passion. To give young children the opportunity to think, to reason, to create, and to discover, builds the foundation for the future and opens up new possibilities for our community’s growth and development. Children come into this world with their unique gifts and talents, their endless curiosity and intelligence, their resilience, their enthusiasm, and their ability to love and be loved. Children are the heart of our heart, and they touch the deepest places in our souls. Our passion is to nurture them and to empower them to eventually guide us, to make us and our world better for generations to come.

Children are today and they are tomorrow. Our passion for their education is the driving force for Early Childhood Education. We cannot and will not wait. We are building this dream for them and with them now.

What is the dream? Imagine a place...an “educational destination spot” for early childhood education in South Florida.