Internship Overview

The internship program is designed to give our students the opportunity to merge their academic knowledge with professional experience while earning course credit. This experience allows students to explore or clarify professional goals, acquire new skills, and develop professional contacts in their chosen field. The internship is the final requirement for students seeking a degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion and must be completed at an approved internship site.

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Selecting an internship site requires careful thought, planning, and initiative on the student’s part; therefore, the following steps are completed one semester prior to graduation to ensure a smooth internship registration process.

Step 1 Submit Name and Z-Number for Pre-Approval
  • Laura Canteri will e-mail all seniors an online form during the second week of the semester
Step 2 Attend Mandatory Pre-Internship Meeting
  • Laura Canteri will e-mail an online form to sign-up for meeting
  • IMPORTANT: If you do NOT attend this meeting, then you will NOT be permitted register for the internship. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Step 3 Schedule Interview / Select Internship Site
  • Internship must be completed at an ESHP approved site to receive credit
Step 4 Letter of Agreement with Site Supervisor
  • Letter must be signed by site supervisor

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Step 5 ESHP Contract
  • Contract must be signed by ESHP advisor
    • If you do not have a contract, meet with your ESHP advisor ASAP
Step 6 Application for Degree
  • Application must be stamped
    • Submit to Office of Student Services (College of Education, 2nd floor)

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Step 7 CPR/AED Certification
  • Certification must be valid throughout entire internship
    • The student is responsible to find, enroll, and pay for a CPR/AED course
Step 8 Professional Liability Insurance
  • Insurance must be valid throughout entire internship
  • The student is responsible to pay for coverage
    • Need coverage limits of $3,000,000 (aggregate) / $1,000,000 (per claim)

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Step 9 Submit ALL Required Documents (Steps 4 – 8)
  • IMPORTANT: Late submissions will NOT be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Semester of Internship Deadline
Spring December 1
Summer April 26
Fall July 27

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