Our Mission

The Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology is a community of scholars focusing on the preparation and support of leaders and researchers in Florida, the nation, and the international community.

Our Values

Our values represent what we collectively stand for and reflect how we aspire to execute our responsibilities on a daily basis. These values provide guidance with regard to the practices that will assist us in moving toward our individual and collective visions.

As educational leaders, we believe that leaders who possess a world view make a significant difference in their own performance and that of their organizations when that view is applied locally to shape policy, programs, and practice. We will strive to prepare and support educational leaders who: (a) create dynamic learning environments where people engage in ongoing reflective and critical self -inquiry as a prelude to action; (b) recognize that educational leadership is a transformative and political process to bring about positive change; (c) create high-performing, results-oriented organizations; and (d) engage their organizations and communities in the pursuit of a better world.
Research and Scholarship
As a community of scholars, we value the discovery, investigation and application of research methodologies, traditional and innovative. We support student and faculty inquiry: rigorous interdisciplinary research leading to theory-building and enhancement of teaching, learning, and the practice of leadership. We will foster engagement with schools, colleges and universities, governmental and community organizations, public and private.
Social Responsibility
As ethical and informed leaders, we value leadership that is socially responsible, upholds high ethical standards, and embraces diversity of ideas and individuals. We believe in creating a collegial community where all members are expected to treat each individual with civility, empathy, respect, fairness, and forthrightness. We believe that our purpose is to prepare aspiring leaders to create a healthy, sustainable and regenerative society for present and future generations.
Learning Community
As a community of learners, we believe that lifelong learning for faculty and students is the basic foundation for and the essential outcome of our Educational Leadership program. We will strive to preserve and strengthen an equitable, stimulating, and productive learning community in which faculty and students collaboratively engage in active learning and inquiry and invest in one another's growth and development. We will seek to prepare educational leaders who are skilled in developing vigorous learning communities in their workplaces.


Our values lead the way … To distinctively impact our faculty, students, communities, and educational policy, practice, and research.

Our Priorities

This set of flexible priorities describes the targeted areas that the Department will address to accomplish the aspiration/mission over the next 3-5 years.

  • Develop and deliver curricula and learning experiences that incorporate multi-dimensional and diverse perspectives.
  • Produce interdisciplinary research and research-based models that can be used to improve socially responsible leadership and research practice.
  • Create opportunities to unite and celebrate the distinctive work of our faculty, students, alumni, and partners.
  • Cultivate alliances both within the university and with schools, colleges and universities, governmental and community organizations, public and private.
  • Develop and sustain a collegial community of scholars where all members treat each individual with civility, compassion, and forthrightness.
  • Educate aspiring and practicing leaders to be skilled at developing vigorous learning communities in their workplaces.
  • Foster ongoing professional growth and development of our faculty and staff.

Approved 6/24/2010