The Praxis Examination

Updates and more information will be Provided to Current Students on Canvas.

ASHA's Website

The Praxis Site


    Registration: *
    #5331 = Speech-Language Pathology (drop-down menu)
    Places to take test: you need to insert your area code on the site when you register. Places other students have taken it: The SAS Center on campus, and in general, at a Prometric Center

Where to Send Scores

Scores must be sent to these 3 agencies:

  1. FAU
  2. ASHA
  3. State Department of Health (or Education),

*When registering for a testing date, ETS allows you to select 4 score recipients that are included in the registration fee, however, if you select a recipient anytime later than 48 hours before your exam, ETS charges $50 for EACH score report.