What To Expect

Most new clients will be evaluated, unless they have been evaluated in the last six months and we have received that report. Other evaluations will be administered “as needed”.

Every semester you will be emailed the following:

  1. A Welcome to the Semester letter;
  2. A Semester Calendar;
  3. A Letter regarding attendance and timeliness

At the beginning of the semester

The student clinician will call and/or email you

In the middle of the semester

There is an opportunity for a conference with the student clinician and supervisor

At the end of the semester

You will receive (by hand or in the mail) a report of progress, the Semester Treatment Report. There may also be a conference, if needed, at the end of the semester.

During the Semester

Caregivers and family are encouraged to watch the sessions in an observation room with a one-way mirror, and listen using headphones. This enables family and caregivers to follow through on what is being done at home, and also to receive suggestions from the supervisor who is observing the session, for the purpose of teaching the student clinician.