College of Education Strategic Thinking / Planning

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What: The Concluding Activity

The College of Education Steering Committee after conducting a transparent and rigorous process is recommending the attached Statement of Intent to guide faculty and administrative decisions for the next three to five years.

If you have specific language changes to recommend for consideration please email them to John Pisapia at so the committee can review your thoughts prior to official submission of the Statement of Intent to the Dean by October 8, 2011.

Dean's Welcome

Bristor The College is embarking on a journey to discover our future. The College of Education is OUR College. Strategic thinking/planning is OUR way of doing strategic planning.

I have asked John Pisapia, Professor in Educational Leadership, to coordinate our trip. John will be working with a steering committee and all of you to insure that our journey is fruitful. I have appointed, with the advice of department chairs, the following members of the steering committee: Peggy Goldstein, Noorchaya Yahya, Penelope Fritzer, Robert Zoeller, Michael Frain, Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Lydia Bartram, Deena Wener, and Valerie Bristor to work with John during this process.

The steering committee has developed our work plan. I have cleared my schedule to work through the Strategic Thinking Protocol and ask that you fully engage in the process. In this way we will have produced a plan for OUR College that will guide our work over the next 3-5 years.

Let's enjoy the journey together!

Valerie J. Bristor, Dean
College of Education
Florida Atlantic University

Steering Committee Members

Lydia Bartram

Valerie J. Bristor

Noorchaya Yahya

Michael Frain

Penelope Fritzer

Peggy Goldstein

Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski

John Pisapia

Deena Wener

Robert Zoeller