A Message from President John W. Kelly

We take tremendous pride in the fact that Florida Atlantic University has long ranked as the most racially, ethnically and culturally diverse institution in Florida’s State University System. This year, minority students make up 47 percent of our 30,000-member student body. U.S. News & World Report has ranked FAU the 27th most diverse university in the nation.

Students from 57 countries received degrees at the University’s spring 2013 commencement ceremonies, demonstrating the extent to which FAU has become an international center of learning; in recent years, FAU has hosted students from more than 180 countries. This level of human interaction enriches our campus life beyond measure, but it also can produce the same kind of tensions that cause conflict in the outside world.

University campuses are microcosms of the world at large and provide an environment in which students can explore competing ideas, consider opposing points of view and formulate their own conclusions about political and social issues. The aim of a university education is to develop critical thinking skills in students. Equally important is the development of an attitude of tolerance, which is essential to the success of both personal and international relationships. At FAU, we are doing our best to help create a world in which people and nations can live in peace with one another.


"FAU is an incredibly diverse community with students from a wide range of backgrounds. It's a place where students can encounter a broad spectrum of new experiences, express their own opinions and see how others respond to their ideas."
– Frederick Greenspahn, Ph.D., Gimelstob Eminent Scholar in Judaic Studies

"FAU welcomes students from around the world who embrace the opportunity to engage in open dialogue with a diverse student body and faculty. FAU reflects the greater society and is in fact a global village."
– Alan Berger, Ph.D., Raddock Family Eminent Scholar, Chair for Holocaust Studies

"Jewish Life at Florida Atlantic University is alive and well."
– Matthew C. Levin, President and CEO, Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

 Last Modified 7/2/14