Everything in Our Universe is one
Anthony Colella

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Everything in our universe is one because everything is a child of the super force or mother particle. Fundamental matter particles in you, me, the Empire State Building, Mt. Everest, the earth, the moon, our sun, all Milky Way galaxy stars, and all universe galaxies are children of super force or mother particles. "Everything in our Universe is One" is based on the "Theory of Everything" (TOE). The TOE is the most complicated theory in physics which neither Einstein nor Hawking could solve. This course provides a fundamental understanding of the TOE to lay persons, so they can explain it to their family and friends. The foundations of an Integrated TOE are twenty existing independent theories including matter creation and Higgs bosons. If each independent theory is represented by a jigsaw puzzle piece, they do not initially fit together because of their independence. The Integrated TOE solution selectively adds new requirements to the twenty independent theories that is equivalent to selectively amplifying the sizes and shapes of jigsaw puzzle pieces so they fit snuggly together. Lecture: First, the concept of infinitely small and infinitely large will be introduced. Objects such as the Empire State Building can be modeled by Lego blocks. By shrinking the size of Lego blocks to infinitely small Planck cubes, any object in our universe such as the actual Empire State building can be defined by a volume of Planck cubes. Similarly the infinitely large Super Universe or parallel universes can be defined by an enormous gum ball machine. Then, five fundamental matter particles and two fundamental force or energy particles are described. A matter particle and its associated Higgs force particle or boson are modeled as an underweight porcupine with overgrown spines. Our universe’s time line is discussed starting with the big bang or beginning of our universe at time = 0, and the creation of; fundamental matter particles, atoms, first stars, molecules, our solar system, simple life cells, and modern human beings. Stellar black holes are described as gigantic compactors similar to junkyard compactors of car chasses. Two types of stellar black holes are described as the grandmother and mother of everything in our universe. Since everything in our universe is a child of the super force or mother particle, all universe objects are cousins of each other and everything in our universe is one. The Power Point presentation will follow the outline of Colella's book, Master Big Bangs through Black Holes in Four Hours: An Integrated Theory of Everything Introduction. Following the lecture will be questions and answers and a book signing session.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Antonio A. Colella's academic background includes engineering degrees and scholarships with the highest academic honors from The Cooper Union, Princeton University, and Columbia University. As a professional, his expertise is Aerospace Systems Engineering (ASE) on complex electronic projects including Global Positioning System (GPS), Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) and simulator, SAFEGUARD Missile Defense System, and Phased Array Radars. A major motivator for his astrophysical book and associated research article occurred at the age of thirteen when he lost more than 99 percent of his hearing.

Time: 11:30 am - 1:15 pm
Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Location: Barry and Florence Friedberg Auditorium, Boca Raton Campus
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Door price member/non-member - $25