America's Early Forgotten Wars
Robert P. Watson

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Many of the wars sandwiched between the American Revolution and the Civil War have been overshadowed in history by the two larger, well-known conflicts. Yet, there were a few intriguing wars and conflicts that played a role in shaping the early Republic in terms of national unity, the westward expansion, and American relations around the world. Equally interesting were the complex, varied, and sometimes ridiculous causes of those wars, and the commanders who fought them, which included both highly-capable, military heroes and unfit, political hacks. Learn about these little-known but important and intriguing wars fought in the first half-century of America's history.
1. The Quasi-War (1798-1800) - In a cruel twist, America's relationship with France soured quickly after they aided in American independence.
2. The Barbary Pirate Wars (1801-1805; 1815) - Also known as The Tripolitan Wars, America's young Navy is again put to the test fighting near the African coast.
3. The Seminole Wars (1814-1819; 1835-1842; 1855-1858) - Also known as The Florida Wars, this ruthless campaign was fought over many years and ended in failure for the American government.
4. The Mexican-American War (1846-1848) - Also known as The Mexican War, the conflict fueled western expansion and dreams of empire but was also condemned as a naked land grab.
BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Dr. Robert P. Watson is Professor of American Studies at Lynn University and Senior Fellow at the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship. He has published 34 books and hundreds of articles, chapters, and essays on topics in American politics and history; co-convened a half-dozen national conferences on the presidency; and serves on the boards of several scholarly journals, presidential foundations, and community and professional associations. A frequent media commentator, he has given thousands of media interviews to local, national, and international print, radio, and television outlets, including CNN, BBC, USA Today, and others. He wrote a Sunday column for the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, and is the political analyst for WPTV-5 NBC. He has won several teaching awards including Professor of the Year at FAU and Lynn (twice) and FAU's Faculty Service Award (twice).

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