Fateful Neighbors: America and Brazil in the 20th century
Ann Helen Wainer

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Brazil is famous for its music, soccer, beautiful beaches and incredible landscapes. If you want to go beyond the cliches and dive deep into Brazilian culture, history and politics, this is the lecture series for you. All the films in this series were chosen to help the viewer understand the remarkable connection between Brazil and the United States. Participants will embark on a fascinating journey through true-life historical events.
1. Zuzu Angel (2006)
2. O que é Isso Companheiro? : Four Days in September (1997)
3. Diários de Motocicleta : The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
4. Bossa Nova (2000)
BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Ann Helen Wainer is an attorney in Brazil and holds Master degrees in Corporate Law and Arts in Religious Studies. Published books include: Civil Liability of the Developer; Brazilian Environmental Legislation, A Jewish Perspective on Ecology, and Jewish and Brazilian Connections to New York, India, and Ecology: A Collection of Essays.  She also co-published  with Rabbi Daniel Kahane  The Kabbalah of Time

Ms. Wainer has participated in seminars on global climate change and was an ARIL/Cross Currents Coolidge Fellow in NYC.  Additionally, Ann has lectured extensively about the Holocaust and has written Family Portrait, her family history, published in the U.S.  Her lectures in the U.S. and Brazil include the Brazilian Connection to Jewish Life in America. A native Brazilian film expert, she specializes in Brazilian Jewish cinematheque, and is considered a pioneer in this field of study.

Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Date: Wednesdays, April 30; May 7, 14, 21
Location: Barry and Florence Friedberg Auditorium, Boca Raton Campus
Fees: $34 member / $54 non-member