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The Art of the Rag
 Concert and History of Ragtime
 Music Appreciation
Much of the history of ragtime is clouded in conflicting legends. Since ragtime music was considered “low life” during its formative years, no records were kept to chronicle the development of this amazing music. There was no James Boswell following Scott Joplin or William Turk (who’s he?!) around to record their lives and activities from which future ages could learn. Unfortunately, much of the “history” we have today took wrong turns along the way, resulting in myths and fables being taught as truths. Mr. Milne has spent close to fifty years studying these myths and fables, searching through books and articles both widespread and arcane. Trying to separate kernels of truth from long-standing legends and rumors has resulted in much controversy and discontent among the faithful, but no one has been able to disprove any of Mr. Milne’s findings. Dr. James Billington, the Librarian of Congress, has asked Mr. Milne to present these findings in the Coolidge Auditorium at a future date.

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