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A Brief History of The Beatles
 Musical Performance
Beginning as an American-style rock and roll band, the Beatles earned worldwide acclaim in the 1960s for their own compositions, mini-symphonies of love, heartache, thrills, loss, and self-awareness that today have made them the world’s top-selling recording act of all time, their work performed by serious classicists and translated into nearly every major language. With each member destined to be an important figure in the world of music, their brilliant songs grew in depth as they matured, from clever and sweet to surreal and sophisticated, with lyrics that capture both their time and our timeless feelings, and melodies no singer can resist.

Join Rod MacDonald & the Humdingers for a fresh perspective on The Beatles, a fun and low-decibel tour through the lives, genius and great songcraft of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Lecture # WPR1
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