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Why Both Men and Fruit Flies Love Viagra
 Using Fruit Flies as a Drug Discovery Platform for Stroke
 Science Research
Our laboratory at Florida Atlantic University on the MacArthur Campus has uncovered a number of drugs that may be of use for human therapeutics. How does an insect drown under water for hours at a time without showing any signs of brain damage? This type of question motivates us to exploit the genetic mechanisms nature has evolved for the benefit of human medicine. My research has identified a number of molecular targets that can rescue high temperature, low oxygen and oxidative stress in the fruit fly nervous system, as a model for human diseases such as stroke. We have already translated our work from the fruit fly to zebrafish, fresh water turtle and mouse successfully, which has led to numerous publications and the submissions of three novel US patents for the medical treatment of febrile seizure, migraine and stroke in humans (two of which were recently granted). Importantly, my research program is poised to move discovered pharmaceutical therapeutics from the bench-side to the bed-side through the commercialization of the technologies we have uncovered in my research program solidifying commercial interests and, most recently, $353,000 in funding from Eco Neurologics Inc., a recent FAU start-up.

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