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Israel and the Arab Gulf States: Odd Bedfellows in the Making?
 Political Science
Though their rhetoric had been historically anti-Israel, Arab Gulf States did not essentially participate in Arab-Israeli wars. This conflicted relationship experienced a thaw in the wake of the Madrid Peace Conference. True, the relationship has regressed as a result of the collapse of the peace process; yet there has remained indirect and multi-faceted secret links concerning economic and security issues. Recently, the threat from Iran has intensified and enhanced those links, leading to reports of overt and tacit cooperation and planning regardless of whether or not Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have progressed. This lecture traces the history of the Arab Gulf-Israel relations and attempts to shed light on the unfolding, yet undefined new phase in the Arab Gulf-Israel relationship.

Lecture # W1S3
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  Dates:Saturday Feb. 8, 2014
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