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America’s First Crisis
 Fascinating Stories of America’s Forgotten War: The War of 1812
 Political Science
The year 2014 marks the bicentennial of some of the most important battles of the War of 1812. However, little is known about America’s forgotten war, one Harry Truman called our “silliest damn war.” Yet, it was a fascinating period in the young nation’s history and a most unusual war. What began as an attempt to invade Canada nearly ended with the U.S. being conquered by the British. However, this “second War for Independence” shaped the history of the nation in profound ways. In this class we will explore the causes of the war, profile the war’s most interesting heroes and villains and examine the most critical battles.

Four Lectures
  1. “On to Canada!” — A look at the unusual causes for war, the intrigue surrounding America’s interest in westward expansion and empire, the disastrous invasion of Canada and some of the most inept military commanders of history.
  2. The Best and Worst of 1813 — A look at the year 1813, which brought a reversal of fortunes for the American army as well as some of the most decisive battles and sacking of the Canadian capital city.
  3. The High Seas — A look at the naval heroes, villains, ships and battles of the war, including the important Great Lakes theater, Britain’s crushing blockade and the exploits of American captains on the seas.
  4. Turning Points — A look at the crucial turning points in the war in 1814 after the disastrous burning of the White House, Jackson’s remarkable victory at New Orleans and the consequences of the war for the young republic.
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