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American Politics Now
 Inside the Media, Polling and Partisanship
 Political Science
This series will explore the way that mass media influences politics in America. Using visuals and the latest political happenings, this series will show what to take from newscasts, campaigns and polls and where conventional wisdom is often wrong. Dr. Wagner will present survey results, media reports and analysis of the latest happenings in American politics. The lectures will illustrate how the political system is shifting with new technology and unrestricted money from political interest groups. The series will also explore the implications of the new Super-Pacs and what it means for future campaigns. Combining visuals, data and occasional humor, Dr. Wagner will show how events, technology, media and politicians are shaping the political discourse and what it means for America.

Eight Lectures
  1. Media and Politics — The rise of the media machine
  2. Media Bias — Is there bias? Do we care?
  3. Blame the Audience— Why the political media is all our fault
  4. The Death of Journalism — Ending standards
  5. Humor and Politics — Is it news or entertainment?
  6. Whose Poll is it anyway? — The rise of horse race coverage of politics
  7. O’Reilly and Stewart — Humor v. Hubris
  8. Looking Forward — The Internet and media coverage
Course # W8R3 — Eight Weeks
  Place:Lifelong Learning Complex, Jupiter Campus
  Dates:Thursdays — Jan. 16, 23, 30; Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27; March 6
  Time:1:30 p.m. — 3:00 p.m.
  Fee:$68 / member; $98 / non-member