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The Dead Sea Scrolls and the World-to-Come
Apocalypticism has been a major force for almost 3000 years. It began with the Persians, diffused into Judaism, was inherited by Christianity and was adopted by Islam. The Dead Sea Scrolls Community was a classic apocalyptic community and is the best documented of all such communities.

This course will outline the origin and the ending of this community and will cover the implications of its Scrolls to our understanding of the Bible, Judaism and Christianity. The apocalyptic stream will then be traced from the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls to our own generation. We will see that this tradition, though conceived in ancient days, plays a vital role today. We will see it simmering among the readers of the Left Behind series, underlying Blue State/Red State issues and contributing to the current East/West conflict. Despite its past, wherever we see it, we will see a self-fulfilling imperative drawing followers to tragic endings.

The course will be conducted in lecture style, illustrated with PowerPoint and videos. Time will be provided for class comments and discussion.

Four Lectures
  1. Apocalypticism in the Past — The Persians; The Linkage to Judaism; The Adoption by Christianity; The Second Temple Background.
  2. The Dead Sea Scrolls Community — Major writings, Organization and Belief System.
  3. Implications of its Writings — Significance to Judaism and Christianity; The Jewish Revolt against Rome; The End of the Community.
  4. Apocalypticism Since Community Times — The Imminence of the Eminence; The Durability of Ambiguity; Are We There Yet?
Course # W4T2 — Four Weeks
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