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Award-winning, Spellbinding Animated Films
 Adult Storylines in Extraordinary Art that Educates and Entertains
 Film Appreciation
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Animation is so much more than what most of us, due to limited or non-existent distribution of “Adult” animation, ever get to discover and enjoy. This class offers a mix of animation styles presented in fresh and powerful storylines. You will have the opportunity to not only slip into a variety of magical environments, but also learn a bit about the conjuring behind the animation. International, award-winner/nominated mix (some have sub-titles). Pre-film informative outline and post-film discussion group.

Eight Films
  1. Chico and Rita — Hand-Drawn over Live Action, Spain/UK, 2001. Vibrant story set in Havana, NYC, Vegas, Hollywood and Paris in the 1940s-1950s. Original soundtrack captures a defining moment in history and jazz; features the music and animated appearances of famous musicians of the times. 94 min.
  2. Grave of the Fireflies — Hand-Drawn, Japan, 1988. Written and directed by Isao Takahata. A struggle for survival as seen from the Japanese perspective during WWII. Lusciously drawn. 89 min.
  3. Coraline — Stop Motion, British/American, 2009. A young girl steps into an alternative, seemingly better world, the twin of her own. An off kilter, fantastical adventure that turns dangerous. 100 min.
  4. Tekkon Kinkreet — Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Japan, 2007. Stunningly visual, this anime involves the audience as two young boys prove to be the epitome of their names, Black and White. Fighting to protect tradition in a town rendered so real you feel a part of the story, this film is a moral diatribe on how we deal with each other. 111 min.
  5. Sita Sings the Blues — 2D Computer Graphics and Flash Animation, USA, 2008. Highly praised for its originality and ingenuity in combining so many forms of graphics, the film is influenced by the Ramayana epic of Nepal and India and relevant happenings in the author’s personal life. 82 min.
  6. Waltz with Bashir — Adobe Flash, Israel, 2008. The director, Ari Folman, uses his own haunting memories to reconstruct the 1982 invasion of Lebanon by creating a unique animation technique invented by the director. 86 min.
  7. The Triplets of Belleville — Hand-Drawn, France, 2003. Multi-award winner, an astonishingly imaginative film featuring “older” heroines that let nothing stand in their way. Virtually no dialogue, the film relies on expressions, sound effects and music. A charming, original and slightly bizarre delight. 81 min.
  8. Princess Mononoke — Hand-Drawn/CGI, Japan, 1997. Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Gods of the forest, led by a human adopted by wolves, do battle to save the environment. Seemingly, the only figure who can see good on both sides, appears to have all against him. 134 min.
Course # W8S1 — Eight Weeks
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  Dates:Saturdays — Jan. 18, 25; Feb. 8, 15, 22; March 1, 8, 15; NO CLASS ON FEB. 1
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