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The Reel 1940s
 Using Film to Explore a Pivotal Decade of the Twentieth Century
 Political Science
In 1940, much of the world was already engulfed by what would become the most destructive war in human history. Still digging itself out of the depths of the Great Depression, the United States officially remained detached from the conflict raging in Europe and Asia but the “date which will live in infamy,” December 7th, 1941, fundamentally altered America’s role in the world. With the end of the war in 1945, the United States emerged as a world power having a monopoly for a short time over nuclear weapons as the “hot” war that consumed the energy of our nation was turned into a “cold” one with the Soviet Union. At home, the engine of economic power assembled to fight a war across the globe transformed the domestic lives of many Americans. It is against this backdrop that this course will use film clips as visual texts to explore political, social, economic and cultural facets of American society between 1940 and 1949. The films will range from those that explore the monumental conflict that was World War II to those that examine the great social issues of the decade as well as those that helped us escape to the movie theater for great song, dance and entertainment.

Eight Lectures
  1. Great Issues at Home and Abroad — The Grapes of Wrath/Casablanca
  2. Entertaining Ourselves at Home — Fantasia/Holiday Inn
  3. World War II at the Movies — Tora Tora Tora/Lifeboat
  4. June 6th,1944 – “D Day” — The Longest Day/Saving Private Ryan
  5. The Dawn of the Nuclear Age — Fat Man and Little Boy/The Day After Trinity
  6. The Aftermath of the Holocaust — The Pawnbroker/Sophie’s Choice
  7. Fantasy on Film — Miracle on 34th Street/It’s a Wonderful Life
  8. Film Noir — Ministry of Fear/Double Indemnity
Course # W8R4 — Eight Weeks
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