FAU Lifelong Learning Society, Jupiter
Sammy Weber and Stacey Steele

Musical Performance

Sammy Weber started the violin unofficially at three years old and was accepted into the Juilliard School of Music on scholarship at age 12. He also started to play trumpet at that time. His musical tastes took him well beyond the Classics, which he originally studied, and into areas of jazz, pop, country, Latin, various styles of ethnic music and all types of rock music. When he was 16, he met and played, for a short time, at the same stand of 1st violins with Itzhak Perlman. He later became concert master of the Julliard Preparatory Division String Orchestra. Over the years he has played for thousands of people in various venues, including a stint as the band leader on the Long Island Tonight Show, a local cable TV show in New York. He also taught strings in the New York City school system for 10 years, helping both beginning and advanced students to reach their potential. Eye surgeries have prevented him from playing with orchestras due to reading problems so he has taken to the road as a soloist, and has recently been performing shows using his CDs as accompaniment. Some of Sammy’s recent tours have put him on the same program as Hal Linden, Robert Klein and Tommy Tune. His passion is to play all types of music, and to share his love of and joy in music with others. All his listeners cannot help but “catch” this infectious love and joy.

Stacey Steele has been entertaining crowds since she was five years old, doing everything from character acting and drama, to singing, comedy and improv. She has hosted various types of shows from fashion to music and comedy, and her own internet radio show, the “Fat2Fit Show”. Stacey has toured the U.S. singing and performing in venues like Nassau Coliseum, opening for the New York Islanders. She has traveled internationally with the Sweet Adelines, performing with the choir as a soloist and in an award winning quartet.

Now Stacey performs a Broadway review for audiences all over South Florida and is sometimes joined by her father, Sammy Weber. The show, "Stacey Steele Live," recently went overseas earning an International Title! Last spring, Stacey was selected as Mrs. Greenacres 2013 to represent her city in the Mrs. Florida United States Continental Pageant. During the pageant, she was crowned “Mrs. Congeniality” and won the “audience favorite” award!