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Katie Muldoon

Film Appreciation

Katie Muldoon is the author of four books (one of which was translated in part into French and in whole into German), past columnist, international speaker and creative judge, and Adjunct Professor at New York University. Ms. Muldoon also taught educational seminars for two decades and received multiple awards for that work. Known primarily for her contributions to marketing and creative endeavors, she has actively followed contemporary international animé for two decades.

Get Out of the Kiddies’ Sandbox
Discover Dazzling, Artful, Original Animated Films
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Independent-minded, award-winning, expertly dubbed international animation featuring adult, thought-provoking storylines and innovative visual techniques. Pre “how films made” and post discussions.

Eight Lectures
  1. The Wind Rises: (Hand-drawn, Japan, 2014) Just available, the last film to be made by revered Hayao Miyazaki is more than a sumptuous palette of color as it asks the question of responsibility of creative in the story of the man who designed the elegant but deadly effective Zero war planes.
  2. The Secret of Kells: (Hand-drawn, Belgium, 2009) Visually stunning, breathtaking use of color based on the Celtic mythology of the real “Book of Kells”. Unforgettably haunting. Hand-drawn. 75 min.
  3. Princess Mononoke: (Japan, 1997) Written and directed by world renowned Hayoa Miyazaki. Gods of the forest, lead by a human adopted by wolves, do battle to save the environment. Though she sees good on both sides, all turn against her. 134 min.
  4. Scintillating Shorts: A diverse collection of shorts in attitude and style that provide both fun and education. From the hilarious fun of "A Town Called Panic" to shorts that illustrate the power of animation in political and commercial use. Cross-section of techniques.
  5. Wrinkles: (Hand-Drawn, Spain, 2014) Beautifully hand-drawn eccentric characters, based on the graphic novel on which the film is based, deal with the human frailty of getting older. Cheeky wit gives this film defiance and humor, deftly avoiding succumbing to schmaltz.
  6. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Live Action/ Animation, USA, 1988) A detective noir story in an ingenious, ground-breaking blend of hand-drawn animation and live action, spliced with adult humor that's madcap, surreal and violent while being brilliantly funny, bracingly smart and surprisingly moving. 104 min.
  7. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: (Hand- Drawn, Japan, 2006) A coming of age story with a scientific overlay, it is the visual appeal of the time travel scenes and the character detail that makes this film stand out from other manga based anime. 98 min.
  8. The Illusionist: (Hand-drawn/CGI, French, 2006) A French import that eschews flash and opts for heart to great effect as it illustrates how bittersweet the end of the 1950’s could be prior to being displaced by more visceral acts. Hand drawn, the animation is as soft and charming as the film itself. 80 min.
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