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Murray H. Lichtenstein, Ph.D.

Religious Studies

Murray H. Lichtenstein, Ph.D., was an Associate Professor of Classical and Oriental Studies at Hunter College, C.U.N.Y., where he taught for 24 years. While at Hunter College, Professor Lichtenstein received the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. He received his Doctorate in Ancient Semitic Languages and Literature from Columbia University and also studied at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He contributed chapters to the widely acclaimed books “Back to the Sources” and “Jews, Christians, and the Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures” and authored entries in both the Encyclopedia Judaica and the Encyclopedia of Religion. Professor Lichtenstein has published numerous studies on the Bible and the ancient Near East in professional journals and is frequently an invited lecturer before scholarly and adult educational groups in New York and South Florida.

On the Tip of Our Tongue
The Hebrew Bible and the English Language

More than we might have imagined, the language, imagery and thought patterns of the Hebrew Bible have left an indelible imprint on our daily speech and literature. Indeed, ancient Hebraisms are never very far from the tip of our tongues. English translations, such as the justly famous King James Bible, facilitated the introduction and retention of Hebrew idioms and expressions into our own language, which we most often employ unaware of their origin and even their original meanings. Join us in discovering some of the most ancient roots of our present day culture.

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