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Terryl Lawrence, Ed.D.

Art Appreciation

Terryl Lawrence, Ed.D., has a doctoral degree in art from Columbia University and has had many exhibitions of her paintings and photographs in New York. She wrote the preface to Chaim Potok’s “Artist in Exile” and has taught photography and art in New York’s public schools, C.W. Post College and SUNY Empire State College. Dr. Lawrence currently teaches art history, photography and drawing at Florida Atlantic University and at Digital Media Arts College. She is an NEH Fellow in the Humanities.

My Cousin Jerome
Growing up with J.D. Salinger

J.D. Salinger was raised in New York City. He distinguished himself as a writer with his iconic book Catcher In the Rye and his literary tales of the Glass Family. He enjoyed a very private existence, even holding back on the publication of his works which continued to pour out of him. He was an independent man to whom even family members were not often acknowledged. His life and tales were rich with romance and creativity.

As his cousin, Professor Lawrence will bring new insights into the mysterious J.D. Salinger.

Lecture # F1M1
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Charmed Circles in the Arts
Glamour, Politics and High Society

The beginning of the twentieth century was an exhilarating time with intellectuals beginning to scoff at Victorianism and others embracing Modernism. These brilliant moments, coupled with the horrific political climate that was developing, impacted the arts and became the perfect incubator for the unique salons that nurtured great minds and engendered the important interchange among groups of working artists, writers, musicians, actors, dancers, and critics. Each artist knew that they stood at the threshold of a new idiom, a new art, and a new age — and they were determined to create rich legacies for the future. This course will target specific personalities and the methods that led to their unique and original results. Each lecture will contain archival images and films.

Eight Lectures
  1. Glamour, Politics & Society — The Sassoon Siblings: Were the toasts of Great Britian in the early 20th century.
  2. Walter and Matilda Gay — The French art world swirled around them at their glorious château in Fontainebleau.
  3. Inspired by their Muses — The passions of artists Sir Joshua Reynolds, Lewis Carroll, George Balanchine and John Lennon.
  4. Art Gatherings in Israel — What is Jewish Art?
  5. Lincoln Kirstein — A “Monumental” man!
  6. Luminous Conversations in Europe — Significant meeting places for artists, intellectuals and notorious politicians.
  7. “At Home” in America — A unique phenomenon among the avant garde to see and hear about art and life.
  8. Dorothy Parker — Wit and Wisdom at the Algonquin Round Table.
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Course # F4F4 — Last 4 weeks
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Art for Almost Everyone
Personalities Who Made it Happen

Each culture has its share of dynamic personalities who create social and political standards in art, music, politics and conversation. Society is constantly dazzled or repelled by the “new” and yet, responds with interest, curiosity and often admiration for those in the inner circles. In this lecture I will address the colorful lives of a variety of individuals who stood out from the crowd by bringing novel ideas to their art and interaction with others. The one exception here is my talk on Degenerate Art which will cast a light on how dangerous life can become.

Eight Lectures
  1. Vincent Van Gogh — The colors that drove him.
  2. Societe Anonyme — Modern Art comes to America as a Tour de Force.
  3. Degenerate Art — The attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany.
  4. Anders Zorn and John Singer Sargent — Portrait painters non-pareil.
  5. The Influence of Primitivism — Objects that became relevant in the 20th century.
  6. Aztec and Mayan Art — The first historians in the Americas.
  7. Art Deco Sculpture — Modernist sculpture arrives in America.
  8. David Hockney — His work allows us to see magic in everyday life.
Course # W8F2 — Eight Weeks
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