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Terryl Lawrence, Ed.D.

Art Appreciation

Terryl Lawrence, Ed.D., has a doctoral degree in art from Columbia University and has had many exhibitions of her paintings and photographs in New York. She wrote the preface to Chaim Potok’s “Artist in Exile” and has taught photography and art in New York’s public schools, C.W. Post College and SUNY Empire State College. Dr. Lawrence currently teaches art history, photography and drawing at Florida Atlantic University and at Digital Media Arts College. She is an NEH Fellow in the Humanities.

A Continued Journey Through Modernism
Meet the Masters III

It is a well-established fact that every artist is a product of their times. Each one brings to their work a myriad of influences ranging from the times in which they lived, their travels, other artists they admired, the places they chose in which to work and much more. This course will focus on a group of creative masters who themselves influenced individuals who followed them. We will examine their masterworks using photographic images and archival films.

Six Lectures
  1. Paul Gauguin — Lived a life dedicated to painting exotic imagery and exploration of the Primitive.
  2. The Hudson River School — A group of American landscape painters who documented the unspoiled wilderness of our young nation.
  3. Georges Braque — He was a pioneer of modern art who invented Cubism with Pablo Picasso. Braque devoted his life to pushing the boundaries of the possible.
  4. Stieglitz, Steichen and Strand — They are the big three of modern photography. Their works are groundbreaking, influential, stunning and timeless.
  5. Augustus Saint Gaudens — He was the sculptor who led the American Renaissance and was known for his works depicting heroism and nobility.
  6. New York’s Ashcan School — It consisted of a group of eight unique early twentieth century realist painters whose leader was Robert Henri.
Course # S6F2 — Six Weeks
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Exceptional Lives in Exotic Places

Environment plays a significant role in how many artists work. The atmosphere, colors, and physical factors lead to dramatic invention and unique observations. These lectures concern specific artists and the sites from which they chose to create. We will discuss how environment influences individual artists and how their ideas and dreams affect the work that they produce. Using photographic images, archival tapes and writings, we will investigate the personal journeys each person took.

Six Lectures
  1. Gustave Klimt & Vienna — the artist who rekindled the art of Byzantium.
  2. Frida Kahlo & Mexico — she was her own muse.
  3. Dr. Albert Barnes & Philadelphia — he promoted the advancement of education and the appreciation of Modern Art.
  4. Virginia Woolf & Bloomsbury — intellectual ardor, arrogance and a passion for truth.
  5. Peggy Guggenheim & Venice — one of the most original collectors of contemporary art.
  6. Dale Chihuly & Seattle — has a relationship with glass that has made him legendary.
Course # SUW6 — Six Weeks
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  Dates:Wednesdays, May 21, 28; June 4, 11, 18, 25
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