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Aban Kavasmaneck


Aban Kavasmaneck is a five-time winner of the “Professor of the Year” Award as voted by the students at the University of Charleston. For her many contributions to the University, she was honored with an Endowed Scholarship named after her. Prof. Kavasmaneck has been teaching English Literature courses to college students and the community for over 40 years. Her teaching career spans many other fine institutions such as the University of Bridgeport and Norwalk Community College in Connecticut. Her expertise in interpretive reading, critical analysis, and discussion of the Great Books has earned her the reputation of a literary critic who has led several reading and discussion groups, in addition to writing critical reviews for novels. Her areas of specialization include Multicultural and World Literature. She initiated the Women’s Studies program at the University of Charleston.

Prof. Kavasmaneck has an M.A. in English Literature from St. Xavier’s College and has pursued further post-graduate studies in