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Mehmet Gurses, Ph.D.

Political Science

Mehmet Gurses, Ph.D., joined the Department of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University in 2007 after completing his doctorate from the University of North Texas. An expert in Middle East politics, Dr. Gurses specializes in ethnic and religious conflict, post-civil war peace building, post-civil war democratization and Islamist parties in the Middle East. His scholarly publications have appeared in International Interactions, Social Science Quarterly, Civil Wars, Defense and Peace Economics, Democratization, International Studies Perspectives and Nationalism and Ethnic Politics.

The Rise and Fall of Islamism

The popular uprisings that swept through the Arab world have upended secular dictatorships in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, and resulted in democratic reforms in several others, including Algeria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. These changes have also carried Islamists to the forefront of politics. In many of these countries, newly formed Islamist political parties emerged as the winners of these revolutionary changes. Islamists, however, have encountered significant social, political, and economic challenges from their own societies and failed to deliver on their promises. What is Islamism? How can we trace the roots of Islamism? Is it a passing phenomenon? What are the prospects of Islamism to win the people’s hearts and minds? Can it be defeated?

Professor Gurses will first present a general overview of Islam and Islamism in the Muslim world and then address Islamism in Turkey, the oil rich Gulf Middle East and North Africa.

Four Lectures
  1. The Rise and Spread of Islam
  2. The Rise & Fall of Islamism in Turkey
  3. The Rise and Fall of Islamism in the Middle East and North Africa
  4. Islamism: A Passing Phenomenon
Course # F4S1 — 4 weeks
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