FAU Lifelong Learning Society, Jupiter
Myrna Goldberger
LLS Jupiter Founding Faculty Award 2002 


Myrna Goldberger has been on the staff of LLS for more than 20 years. Educated at the University of Maryland, Loyola College and Johns Hopkins University, she has had more than 50 years of experience in educational programming, including Elderhostels and scholar-in-residence weekends. She currently presents lectures to community groups, religious groups and special interest organizations in Florida and numerous other states. In addition, Ms. Goldberger performs in self-written, one-act plays focusing on famous American men and women. Her students, who call themselves “Myrna’s Groupies,” describe her as “charismatic, knowledgeable and dynamic.”

There's no Place Like Home Depot
The Life and Career of Bernie Marcus — As Told By Home Depot Associates

Bernie Marcus has been fired! It was good news! With his friends Ken Langone and Arthur Blank, he now had the opportunity to realize a dream — create a huge warehouse store with no frills, but one that would provide “everything for do-it-yourself homeowners who could be assured of availability of products, low prices and customer service unparalleled in the industry.”

In this self-written one-act play, Myrna Goldberger will portray several associates of Home Depot relating the remarkable rise of Bernie Marcus and his vision of a store “built from scratch” to a multi-million dollar empire. Included will be stories told by the founders, as well as the successes and disappointments they encountered along the way. With costume and visual imagery, Myrna Goldberger’s objective is to provide “Edutainment” for her groupies.

Lecture # WPF1
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Famous Entrepreneurs

The word “entrepreneur” is known as an “eliminator” in spelling bees. However, the word, defined as “a person who engages in business or entertainment,” refers to thousands of individuals who used creativity, skill, perseverance, opportunity and daring to provide products to fill consumer need and earn profits for themselves. Included in this group are Jews, banned from agricultural pursuits, who focused on business endeavors and built a mystique of their own.

What are the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur? How does the economic climate of the times influence success or failure? Does “luck” play a role in an individual’s story? Does every entrepreneur need a structured business plan?

This lecture will focus on Jewish entrepreneurs in diverse fields who realized a dream and, at the same time, made contributions that have become legacy. Learn more about The Strauss Family, Charles Bronfman, Estee Lauder and Mark Zuckerberg!

Lecture # W1W2
Register early! There is a $5 charge for registering on the day of a one-time lecture or event.
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  Dates:Wednesday, March 11, 2015
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