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Edith Rogovin Frankel, Ph.D.

Edith Rogovin Frankel, Ph.D., is a native-born American who lived in Israel for many years and taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her B.A. is from Cornell University and her M.A. and Ph.D. are from Columbia University. For many years, Dr. Frankel specialized in the Soviet Union with a particular interest in the interaction between government and literary policy. She gradually moved towards Jewish history, specifically in the Russian Empire as well as the Habsburg Empire and has taught many of these subjects. Dr. Frankel has published a number of books and articles in the field, including “Novy Mir: A Case Study in the Politics of Literature” (Cambridge University Press). Her latest book, “Old Lives and New: Soviet Immigrants in Israel and America” focuses on the emigration of the Jews from the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Dr. Frankel has also taught at Stanford University, Dartmouth College and University College London.

The website for her book: www.oldlives.com.