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Presenting programs for LLS
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From Darkness Into Light: Harry Truman's Grandson and Atom Bomb Survivors
Clifton Daniel

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Harry S. Truman, ordered the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. Several years ago, one of those survivors, Masahiro Sasaki, invited Clifton Daniel to come to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the annual ceremonies honoring the victims. Mr. Daniel attended those ceremonies in August of 2012. That led to a grant from the US-Japan Foundation to research and write a book about survivors on both sides of the conflict, and how some of them have worked both to heal the lingering wounds from the war and pave the way for a peaceful future, one without nuclear weapons. Today, Mr. Daniel regularly tours elementary and high schools with survivors to talk about reconciliation and nuclear disarmament. Mr. Daniel traveled to Japan this June, 2013, with his son, Wesley, to re-interview survivors for the book and film them, both for an online archive and for a planned documentary. Stills and video will be part of his presentation.

BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Clifton Truman Daniel is the oldest grandson of 33rd US President Harry S. Truman. He is the son of the late author, Margaret Truman, and her husband, former New York Times Managing Editor E. Clifton Daniel, Jr.  Mr. Daniel is a former journalist and public relations executive and honorary chairman of the board of the Truman Library Institute, the nonprofit partner of the Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence, MO. He is the author of Growing Up With Grandpa: Memories of Harry S. Truman (1995, Birch Lane Press) and Dear Harry, Love Bess: Bess Truman’s Letters to Harry Truman, 1919-1943 (2011, Truman State University Press). He is currently at work on a book about atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Time: 4:30 pm - 6:15 pm
Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014
Location: Barry and Florence Friedberg Auditorium, Boca Raton Campus
Fees: Member advance registration - $20 per event
$50 for any combination of three events
$100 for any combination of seven events
Door price member/non-member - $25

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