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Presenting programs for LLS
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Being Philosophical: All About Life, Knowledge, Politics, and Religion
Henry Ruf

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The lectures in this series will be about how people can be philosophical about how they live, what they know, how they function politically, and how it is possible to have a reasonable form of religious living. The lectures will examine Western and Asian critiques of ways of living; current philosophical examinations of claims about truth, explanations, and justifications; current exercises of national and international political power, national-economic-sexual identities; reformist and revolutionary possibilities; ways of religious living that both transcend human knowledge and unjustifiable atheism as well as metaphysical dogmatism. Question and answer periods will follow each lecture.
1. Being Philosophical About Workable and Unworkable Ways of Living: Examining Western and Asian forms of existentialism.
2. Being Philosophical About What We Can Know: Examining the nature of true claims, justifications and  explanations.
3. Being Philosophical About National and International Politics: Examining political power and state violence, politics and personal identities, possibilities for political reform and revolution.
4. Being Philosophical About Religious Ways Of Living: Going beyond human concepts and metaphysical atheism and "religious" dogmatism.
BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION:  Dr. Henry Ruf USAF Veteran; BA Macalester College; MA, Ph.D. Emory University; Taught philosophy and literary criticism at Boston University, SUNY Oswego, West Virginia University, Truman State University, FAU. Fulbright lecturer in Japan, Thailand, China, Tibet, Pakistan. Dr. Ruf has written the following books: Moral Investigations; Investigating Philosophy; Postmodern Rationality, Social Criticism and Religion; World Religions in a Postmodern Age and Religious Pragmatism.

Time: 11:15 am - 1:00 pm
Date: Wednesdays, March 19, 26; April 2, 9
Location: Barry and Florence Friedberg Auditorium, Boca Raton Campus
Fees: $34 member / $54 non-member

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