"Know Before You Go" Training

What Is "Know Before You Go" Training?

What do I need to Do? 

  1. Read the Policy for Reporting Vehicular Related Accidents And Injuries.

  2. Read the Know Before You Go brochure

  3. Make sure the vehicle you are driving has a "Know Before You Go" brochure.  Print one if needed. Important: Bring a form with you if you will be using a personal or rental vehicle.

  4. Watch the 2 minute "Know Before You Go" video clip.

  5. Print out and take with you the AmeriSys contact information in the event that you are injured in a vehicular related accident while on University business, especially when traveling out of the local area.

Lets Review the Basics!

First, drive safely to help prevent vehicular accidents and injuries in the first place.  Obey all traffic laws, drive defensively, and do not text or dial cell phones while driving. Pull off the road in a safe location before texting or dialing a cell phone.

If you are involved in a vehicular accident while on University business, there are several key points to remember:

  1. If you need immediate medical attention, follow 911 procedures, then at your earliest opportunity, report the injury to your supervisor and call AmeriSys at 800-455-2079.

  2. If immediate medical attention is not needed, then report the injury to your supervisor and call AmeriSys at 800-455-2079.

  3. Have the accident investigated by local law enforcement.

  4. Do not admit fault or promise to pay anything.

  5. During normal business hours, notify FAU EH&S at 561-297-3129 or FAU Risk Management at 561-297-1177 for assistance in completing forms and making notifications.  Outside of normal business hours, call FAU Police at 561-297-3500 and ask them to contact EH&S.

Now Complete Your Training!

Know Before You Go Training Notification

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