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Dr. Santos

Dr. Rachel Boba Santos
Florida Atlantic University
School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
3535 Parkside Drive, SR 214
Jupiter, FL 33458

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Rachel Santos is an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. She has been working with police organizations for since 1994. She was the Director of the Crime Mapping Laboratory at the Police Foundation in Washington DC from 2000 to 2003 where she developed curriculum, provided training, and conducted research on best practices of crime analysis, crime mapping, and problem analysis.

Dr. Santos has been at Florida Atlantic University since 2003, and her current research focuses on police organizational change and the institutionalization of problem solving, crime analysis, and accountability into a police agency?s day-to-day operations in order to improve crime reduction effectiveness. She works with all sized police agencies around the United States

With the Port St. Lucie, FL Police Department, she has won two prestigious policing awards: Finalist for the Herman Goldstein Award for Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing (2006) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Sprint-Nextel Excellence in Law Enforcement Research Award in September 2008. Three of her current projects are 1) a control randomized trial to test the effectiveness of offender-focused strategies in long-term property crime hot spots; 2) a control randomized trial to test the effectiveness of traditional police response in property crime micro-time hot spots, and 3) developing national curriculum and delivery of crime analysis training for law enforcement executives. She is standing committee member of the International Association of Crime Analysis Standards Committee and through that committee has developed national standards for definitions for tactical patterns and types, for crime analysis undergraduate and graduate education, and is currently working on the reconstituting the definition of crime analysis and its types. She has published numerous peer reviewed publications, the most recent in the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice entitled, "The effectiveness of crime analysis for crime reduction: Cure or Diagnosis?" and has two recent COPS publications, The Integration of Crime Analysis into Patrol Work: A Guidebook and A Police Organizational Model for Crime Reduction: Institutionalizing Problem Solving, Analysis, and Accountability. Two of her books include Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping 3rd Edition (2012), and as second author with Professor Marcus Felson, Crime and Everyday Life, 4th Edition (2010). Dr. Santos earned her master?s degree and doctor of philosophy in sociology from Arizona State University.