Success Workshops and Events

The Student Success Series (SSS) is a new program at FAU where students can find out about hundreds of workshops, lectures, programs and events being offered University-wide. Included on this site are links to Campus Calendars and descriptions of the SSS events. These programs are offered by numerous faculty, staff, and student leaders on all of the FAU campuses. The SSS is a great tool for FAU students (especially freshman and transfer students) to explore all that their new campus community has to offer!

Why have a FAU Student Success Series?

DID YOU KNOW? Students who participate in co-curricular programs are the most successful college students! With all that is happening across campus; there are many opportunities to get involved – the SSS makes it easy for students and staff to find programs that they want to attend; without having to search out each office individually. FAU students are encouraged to browse through the Campus Calendar or search based on the category of program they are interested in attending. The FAU community looks forward to seeing you at many of these programs throughout the year!


Registration/How to Attend

  • Unless otherwise indicated, programs are free and open to all students.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, programs do not require advance sign-up.

  • Students should arrive at the program 5-10 minutes prior to the indicated start time and plan to stay the entire duration of the program.

  • For questions about specific programs and events, please contact the sponsoring office or department.


Are you teaching a SLS course this semester? As part of their acclimation to the campus community, why not have your students attend one (or more!) of the Student Success Series workshops and events? This is an excellent opportunity for you, as the instructor, to encourage your students to be active, involved, and engaged in campus activities. Students that participate in SSS will learn new skills, acclimate to FAU, meet new people, and of course, learn more about themselves!

We have also included a SSS Program Evaluation Form for your students to complete upon attending a SSS workshop or event – this is also a great tool to encourage your students to use their critical thinking skills and provide feedback to the SSS program!

 Last Modified 5/20/14