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As part of its commitment to providing access to educational opportunities, Florida Atlantic University offers an expanding collection of graduate and undergraduate courses via interactive television, videotape, e-mail and the Internet. FAU also participates in the Southern Regional Board's Electronic Campus which lists college programs and courses from across the Southern region of the U.S. Online Programs.
Florida Atlantic University offers 50 percent or more via Distance Learning Degree Programs. 

Virtual Masters of Business Administration
Contact: Fred Taylor, ftaylor@fau.edu
Contact: Irwin Lamm, ilamm@fau.edu
Contact: Majory Moise, mmoise2@fau.edu
Contact: Fred Taylor, ftaylor@fau.edu
Contact: Rick Canavin, rick@schoolofaccounting.com
Engineering credit courses in support of degree programs and professional development  are available through the Division of Engineering Distance Education and Career  Services (DEDECS) in the following disciplines: Civil Engineering, Computer  Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering  and Ocean Engineering. Students can enroll in one or more courses encompassing  the six different disciplines each semester. DEDECS provides access to university  courses at industry sites and government agencies. The goal of DEDECS is to  deliver engineering and computer science programs to students any place and  any time. For information, contact Gail Moore, DEDECS Director, 561-297-3578,  or gmoore17@fau.edu or visit the DEDECS website.
Interactive Television and Videotape
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Online, e-mail and videotaped courses are available to students as "anywhere, any time" courses which may be completed within the confines of FAU semesters but do not require traditional classroom attendance.
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