Supervision and Evaluation

We strive to match Interns with supervisors who will complement the Intern’s goals for the training year and provide a supportive, yet challenging training experience. Our Interns are actively involved in the supervision matching process. They meet with all staff who are able to serve as supervisors at the start of the year to learn more about supervisor style, interests, and values. Based on information learned in these meetings and through interactions with staff, Interns discuss supervisor preferences with the Training Director and Assistant Training Director. The Training Director and Assistant Training Director make final supervision pairings, based on Intern preferences, goals, fit, and staff resources. Interns have at least 3 different supervisors in the primary or secondary role during the training year and supervisors can change at the end of each semester.

Ongoing evaluation of trainees is an integral part of the program. We value early identification of strengths and growth areas, as this allows Interns to get the most out of the training year. Interns are provided with a written evaluation from each supervisor between three and four times during the training year, depending on the supervisor role. Trainees are provided with a copy of the evaluation criteria they will be rated on at the start of the year. Interns are expected to demonstrate full competency on all evaluation elements, or competently perform each element in routine situations with consultative support as needed, by the end of the training year. If you would like a comprehensive list of all elements Interns are evaluated on, please contact Training Director for a copy of the Training Manual.

 Last Modified 7/11/18