Application Process

We accept applications from students in Doctoral programs in Clinical or Counseling Psychology, who are eligible to apply for internship through AAPIC. Prior to application submission, applicants must have obtained 400 intervention hours, administered at least three personality assessment measures, and passed comprehensive exams. Applicants will also need to successfully propose their dissertation by ranking deadline, if their program requires proposal to be complete prior to start of internship. Interns must complete all course work prior to starting internship.

Application deadline is October 30, 2018

The internship selection process involves three steps:

The first step is a review of application materials, including the AAPI completed online, with cover letter, current curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation, with at least two from clinical supervisors who will speak directly about the quality of your clinical work and your engagement in clinical supervision, and official graduate transcripts. Following the review of applications, our selection committee selects applicants to interview, who are assessed as having experiences and goals that are identified as being a "good fit" with the training experiences and expectations at our site. The latest date that we will notify applicants about interviews is November 28, 2018.

The second step of the selection process involves participation in interviews with members of the staff. Interviews will be held in-person or via Skype. In-person interviews will take place during the week of December 17, while Skype interviews will be in between January 2 and 11. Applicants are individually interviewed by a selection committee consisting of three staff members for about one hour. Applicants will also have a 45-minute interview with the training director.

For applicants who attend on campus interviews, there will be lunch with our current interns and a brief tour of the campus. Additionally, there is a Welcome meeting with staff, which allows for applicants and staff to casually interact. If the interview is by skype, we do our best to make the interview process a commiserate experience with the onsite interview, within the limitations created by online communication.

After the completion of interviews, CAPS submits a rank list to APPIC, for participation in the match. We abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.

 Last Modified 7/11/18