Research at CAPS


CAPS is committed to providing quality care to the FAU students we serve. We incorporate best available research to our understanding of clients, providing the most effective treatment interventions, knowledge of trends among college students, and providing relevant and impactful outreach and consultation services to the FAU community.

In addition to routinely incorporating already existing research into our work, we contribute to the field of psychology by conducting original research projects, collaborating with external researchers, and evaluating the services we already provide (such as outreach evaluations and client satisfaction surveys).


Current Research

The majority of CAPS staff members are engaged in research. Staff members conduct research in-house, or collaborate with faculty members in other FAU departments or at other universities/agencies. If you are a researcher who is interested in conducting research at CAPS, please contact CAPS Research Coordinator (Mahkada Taylor, Ph.D.) at 561.297.3540.

The following research projects are currently underway at CAPS:

  • Note-taking: Does taking summary notes after a therapy session improve clients’ treatment outcomes?
  • Mindfulness: What factors predict client success in mindfulness groups? Which clients benefit the most from these groups?
  • The Therapeutic Relationship: What are the emotional dynamics of the therapeutic relationship?

Volunteer for Research


All CAPS clients are invited to contribute to the field of psychology and improve mental healthcare services by participating in research. At the end of your initial appointment at CAPS, your counselor will give you more information on ways in which you can participate.

 Last Modified 11/8/16