Tuition and Billing Services

Refunds & Withdrawals

Tuition Refund Policy

University debts will always be deducted from any University refund source prior to disbursement to the student.  Any amount paid in excess of the amount owed during the term may be applied against charges that are deemed “CURRENT DUE.”  Payments made by credit card must be refunded to the credit card account that the original payment was made.

Tuition Refund Processing Times

Refunds requested for tuition fees are generally made within four weeks of application.  This may take longer at the beginning of semesters, because refunds are not processed until the end of the third week of class, in order to ensure that all schedules are settled.

Withdrawal and Refund of Tuition

Complete withdrawal from the University Due to Exceptional Circumstances

For a complete WITHDRAWAL (drop all courses) from the university, you are advised to contact the Dean of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management to complete an Exceptional Circumstance/Medical Withdrawal.  The petition can be obtained by visiting an then select the EXCEPTION WITHDRAWAL LINK.  This exceptional circumstance petition must be submitted into the Dean’s Office during the semester in which the withdrawal took place.  Otherwise, the student must complete a fee petition and submit it into the Office of Student Billing prior to six months after the last day of the semester which the petition applies.

Partial Withdrawal from the University

Students who drop a course, or all courses, after the drop/add deadline will be fee liable unless the drop takes place due to exceptional circumstances.  Please click here for addition information.

25% Adjustment towards Tuition

Students who have not received federal financial aid and voluntarily withdraw after the last day to drop and add of the semester and prior to the end of the fourth week of the semester are eligible for a twenty-five percent (25%) adjustment.  After the fourth week of the semester, such students are held fully liable for tuition fees.  Please refer to the academic calendar for the specific dates for each semester.


 Last Modified 5/8/18