Tuition and Billing Services

Florida Prepaid

Because Florida Prepaid is a billing and not financial aid, Florida Prepaid is processed solely in our office, and not in the Office of Student Financial Aid.  Florida Prepaid participants are no longer required to check in with the Office of Student Billing.  Billing will be automatic based on the number of credit hours a student is enrolled in each semester.  Payment can be made on-line or in person at one of the five Cashier locations. 

If you do not want Florida Prepaid to be billed for a particular semester, you must contact Student Billing prior to the end of the drop and add period of each semester.  Any portion not covered by Florida Prepaid must be paid by the last day to pay for every semester. 

Please review our Florida Pre-Paid FAQ and our Florida Prepaid Rates.

If you do not want your Florida Prepaid to be invoiced, complete the Request for Change in Billing of Florida Prepaid form.

Agency and Third Party Billing

Students who have an agency paying their tuition are required to submit an Authorization to Bill by the last day to pay to the Office of Student Billing.  Any amount not covered by the agency must be paid by the last day to pay for each semester.  Students failing to pay may be assessed late fees and/or reinstatement fees.  In addition, agency billings must be reported in your financial aid application to accurately reflect your financial resources or a financial aid over-award may occur.  Financial aid over-awards that are put on the student’s billing statement must be repaid within a specified period of time.

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees.  If the agency has not paid tuition and fees by the end of the semester, the student is required to pay all tuition and fees in full.

 Last Modified 8/25/15