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GENERAL INFORMATION - The computerized automated signature retrieval program eliminates the need for an individual to sign multiple forms. The computerized program is utilized by the areas, which need to verify authorized signatures, i.e., Controller’s office, Office Services, and Purchasing. By entering an index number, the image of authorized signatures will appear on their monitor.

SIGNATURE REGISTRATION CARD -This form is to register an individual’s name in the system. It is not associated with any particular account. The signature should be the normal signature used, and the Z number MUST be included. Once an individual’s signature is scanned into the system, this form does not need to be completed again. Please use a dark pen and have the signature stay within the box. If you deplete your supply, call Lora Stern, ext. 7-3113 for additional forms. While you may make copies for your use, DO NOT SUBMIT A DUPLICATE of this form that is scanned into the system.

ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE FORMS -This form is for individual ACCOUNT maintenance. If a few accounts are added, complete this form. If the signers are already signers on existing accounts, it is not necessary to submit Signature Registration Forms. Use this form to add or delete an account or to change authorization information relating to ONE account. This form may be duplicated.

The form includes a place to insert an account expiration date, which normally involves grant accounts. There is also a place for an authorization expiration date, which usually is used for authorizations of Student Government or student club accounts.

The system will assume that each individual listed will have authorization to sign for Requisitions, Payroll, Travel or Office Service Expenditures. If authorization is not granted in an area, circle the restricted category; if there is no restriction, no action is required. The policy in Academic Affairs is that USPS employees are not authorized to sign Payroll Certifications.

The form MUST be signed by an Account Manager. It is suggested this be at a Department Chair/Director level or higher; however, for grant account, the P.I. would most likely be the Manager. The term “Manager” is used for this system only and does not imply fiscal responsibility. The Manager is the person responsible for determining who is authorized to sign requisitions, TARS, etc. A second Manager or “Co-Manager” can be named if desired. In the case of student club accounts, STUDENT CANNOT BE ACCOUNT MANAGER AND/OR CO-MANAGER . Please check with the University Center for names of account manager. Please note that the Account Manager’s name should be included in the list of signers if they are to be an authorized signer.

SIGNATURE MAINTENANCE FORM - This form is for individual SIGNATURE (Authorization) maintenance. Changes or an addition for an individual signing on multiple accounts can be made on this form. If you desire to remove someone’s authorization from all accounts (such as in the case of termination), check the appropriate box - the various accounts do not need to be listed.

The restrictions Account Manager, and authorization expiration information is the same on this form as on the Account Maintenance Form. This form also may be duplicated.

NOTE : An annual list of authorized signers will be sent to the Manager for review and correction.

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