Automated Signature Retrieval System

  • The computerized automated signature retrieval program was implemented at Florida Atlantic University in the Fall of 1992. The computerized program is utilized by the areas which need to verify authorized signatures, i.e., Purchasing, Office Services, and the Controller's Office. By entering an account number, the image of the authorized signatures appear on the monitor.
  • The system displays authentic replicas of the signatures of the individuals authorized to sign for expenditures on each account, within expenditure categories. This computer application allows for timely updates and eliminates the use of bulky manually maintained books. The database contains nearly 2,500 signatures and approximately 4,000 accounts with each account averaging 4 authorized signers. The process features one central data base for updating the signature files under the control of a single office.
  • This application  (Signature Registration Card) runs on the University's network, with software consisting of three parts: signatures, accounts, and authorizations. One signature per authorized individual is scanned into the system. The signature is not related to any particular account, but is associated with the signer's Z Number. The authorizations link the signature to the accounts through the Z Number. Signatures, accounts and authorizations have status codes and can be set to expire as needed; this feature is used with grant accounts and student club authorizations.
  • Once an individual's signature is registered in the system, it is not necessary to obtain additional signatures in the future. An Account Maintenance form is completed for each new account, listing the name and Z Number of each authorized signer. The only signature required is that of the Account Manager approving the information. A Signature Maintenance form can be utilized to add or delete one authorization involving multiple accounts.
  •  The term "Account Manager" is used for this system only and does not imply fiscal responsibility. The Manager is the person responsible for determining who are the authorized signers.
  • Authorizations may also be restricted in a particular area. For example, authorization may be given to someone only for the purpose of purchasing office supplies from Central Stores. When another area, such as Purchasing, queries the system, the signature of the individual authorized only for Central Stores will not be displayed.
  • An annual list of authorized signers is sent to the Managers for review and correction.
  • General Instructions

If you have any questions, please refer those concerns to Lora Stern - Controller's Office.


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