Purchasing Card Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I do if my credit card is declined at point-of-purchase?


    You should contact the Procurement  Department for information on how to proceed. Purchases may be declined for a variety of reasons including your overall credit limit, the single transaction threshold, the type of merchant or commodity, or a cautionary hold placed on the card.

  2. Under what circumstances might my card be declined?


    Your card will be declined if:

    1. You have exceeded your designated single purchase or monthly credit limit(s).
    2. You attempt to use the card for a blocked merchant or commodity category.
    3. There is a cautionary hold placed on your card.

  3. Will I encounter questions concerning the tax-free status of my purchases?

    The card itself should be sufficient identification to allow you to make tax free purchases in the state of Florida, however, there are vendors who will want to have you fill out a standard form that their business requires. Wallet size tax exemption certificates are available in the Procurement Department to all Cardholders.

  4. What do I do if I am charged tax?

    If you are still at the place of purchase, ask the merchant to correct the charge. If you have left the place of purchase or if the merchant refuses to credit the tax, you may still make the purchase on an exception basis. You will need to document your receipt as such.

  5. Should I give the vendor my "bill to" or "ship to" addresses?

    Instruct the vendor to ship to the appropriate FAU location (do not use Central Receiving). Each address should include a contact person’s name, University street address, building and room number, city, state and zip code. Never use your home address as the “ship-to” location.

  6. How will making purchases with the Purchasing Card affect the University's supplier diversity business statistics?

    Spending with certified small/minority/women-owned vendors using a purchasing card will be tracked using the University's ERP system.

  7. What do I do if a charge shows that I (the cardholder) did not make?

    Contact the Procurement Department with the specific information. Please have your account number ready, along with any relevant transaction information.

  8. What would happen if I used my Purchasing Card to make a personal purchase?

    Your card would be canceled. In addition, you would be required to reimburse the University immediately, including sales tax. You may also be subject to disciplinary action. 

  9. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

    Contact the Procurement Department immediately. The card will be canceled and a new card issued. If you discover that the card is missing after business hours, you should contact Bank of America loss prevention immediately at 1-888-449-2273. Have the card canceled but do not request a replacement card. Notify the Procurement Department immediately upon your return to FAU for a replacement.

For additional questions/comments, please contact purchasing@fau.edu.