Time Entry Procedures

Time entry is done at the departmental level by the Time Keeping Administrators. Timekeepers are required to enter time for all hourly employees and exception time for all salaried employees. Timekeepers must have their entries verified. All time sheets must be at a payroll disposition of “20” in order to be paid.

New Policy Regarding Payroll Certifications

  • Effective with pay Number 1, 2012, Payroll Certifications will no longer be sent to the Payroll Department
  • Each department will be responsible for maintaining all the Payroll Certifications within their respective departments 
  • The Payroll Certifications must be kept in the departments for five (5) fiscal years and must be made available to the University Auditors as requested
  • Payroll certifications are available in EPRINT on the Monday before payday and must be reviewed, signed and dated within five (5) business days of the bi-weekly payday
  • An email notification is sent by Human Resources letting the timekeepers know when the Payroll Certifications are available for review. 

Timekeepers will continue to:

  • Print the Payroll Certifications on a bi-weekly basis from EPRINT
  • Review the Payroll Certifications to ensure correct payroll wages
  • Notify the Payroll Department immediately of missed wages of full salary for regularly paid employees or over payments
  • Ensure the Payroll Certifications are signed by the appropriate designee having authorization in the signature system for the fund listed
  • In the event a check is issued in error and needs to be cancelled, please complete the Check Cancellation Form (insert link).  The completed form should be faxed to the Payroll Department
  • Time keepers must print payroll certifications for their respective departments
  • They must be reviewed to ensure correct payroll wages
  • Missed wages of full salary for regularly paid employees or overpayments must be reported to Payroll immediately


Please feel free to contact Payroll at fau_payroll@fau.edu or 561-297-6401 with any questions you may have.



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